The Three Reed Harmonium has three sets of reeds. Each set of reeds provides dimension and richness to the sound. Two sets of reeds are what is called Khuree Kungee, which means they are standing vertical in the air chamber, thus providing more dimension. One set in this Khuree Kungee configuration is called a Bali Bass Reed, and the other set is called a Bali Male Reed. These deeper sounding reeds (Bass and Male) provide low tones. The third set of reeds is a Flat Kungee, meaning that it is horizontal in relationship to how it sits in the air chamber, and it is voiced by a Bali Teep Reed which has a higher treble sound. In this harmonium we have chosen to have a warm tone created by these three sets of reeds in their particular configuration. In addition, special attention has been put into the design to provide a long sustain, meaning that it is easy to have a good length of the note sustained after minimal pumping of the instrument. There are a total of 39 keys, providing 3 full octaves. This harmonium is made of a wood found in the Himalayas called Kail that is close grained, moderately hard and durable. It has veneer coated piano keys, and a finish color that is called Teak with Wood Grain. This is a traveler harmonium that can be folded up to a more compact size, and it comes with a black padded carrying case. The instrument is made in Amritsar, India, and is carefully tuned before being shipped.


Unfolded Height: 12”

Unfolded Width: 24”

Unfolded Depth: 14”

Folded Height: 8.25”

Folded Width: 24”

Folded Depth: 14”

Weight of folded harmonium in carrying case: 26.5 lb


Slight color variations may occur on outside finish compared to pictures here.

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