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Song of the Soul


40 Week Jap Ji Recitation - Our latest daily consecutive meditation.


This meditation is included with our monthly subscriptions. Plans start at $33 per month. Sign up for 2 weeks for free below.

Jap Ji Sahib is a prayer or sacred poem composed by Guru Nanak. 

What is prayer? Thought power used as a life-changing technology to heal and transform yourself and others back to our True Nature. 


The technique of recitation is shared with many paths. The end goal is universal: refuge in the Divine. You do not need to be Sikh to recite Jap Ji or receive the benefits from it. The qualities of peace and love are universal, which come from the True Nature of the Divine.


Jap Ji is in 40 steps. Eight times five is 40, and it is said that the 40 steps correspond to the 5 tattvas, or the 5 elements, within each of the 8 chakras. It begins with the 8th chakra (the aura) and the element of ether, and works its way down to the 1st chakra and the earth element. When we recite Jap Ji, we bring the wisdom of the heavens down through our chakras to connect to our full being on earth. 


Step by step we'll recite each pauri (step or stanza) 11 times as we gather each week (one step per week) on Fridays at 1pm EDT. Each step offers a healing or energetic alignment with your own Soul, and with the One Soul. We'll spend a week on each step looking deeply at the message over the 7 days of recitation of each step.


The journey will be experiential and participatory. Participants will take turns leading the recitation, sharing awakenings, sharing knowledge, listening, learning, and loving.

The daily commitment is 10-20 minutes of recitation. No previous experience is required. 

We'll start on the new moon of Tuesday October 25th, 2022, and continue for 40 consecutive weeks, ending on Tuesday August 1st, 2023.

Day 1 will be within the Tuesday October 25th Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class at 9am EDT. 

Then we'll have Zoom check-ins on Fridays at 1pm. These check-ins will be recorded and are will be available to watch anytime.

Each week we'll recite one of the 40 steps of Jap Ji 11 times, and that will be the sadhana for that week. A PDF of Jap Ji is available for download.


Sat Naam

About 40 Day Meditations

What if I told you that you can be happy? With hard work, and proper guidance, you are capable of being happy. This yogic technique of doing the same meditation for 40 consecutive days (or longer) will help.

There are many things that need to be properly understood, and many things that you misunderstand that need to be cleared and purified. This takes time, and this is how it works.

Through the 40 days you build awareness to consciously choose actions in your life, whether they are physical, verbal or mental, that will be most helpful to you. We generally choose actions automatically and unconsciously that keep us going round and round in suffering. 

When the awareness has been built up to a certain point, meaning that you can consciously see yourself choosing actions that lead to suffering over and over, and when you understand that you are indeed choosing these actions, then you realize you are free to choose anything you wish.

Ultimately we all want happiness, but there are many steps along the way through the clearing and purifying process. You must do the work yourself so you can build the strength and have the capacity to live happily.

To align with the cosmos we start on the new moon. This is a time when the cosmos is dark and we can create something new from nothing.

These meditations are included with our monthly subscriptions. Plans start at $33 per month. We have weekly check-ins online on Fridays from 1-3pm EST. Our latest 40 day meditation is actually a 40 week meditation and is described here. Sign up for 2 weeks for free below.

Sat Naam

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