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Becoming an Instrument of the Divine


A 40-day commitment is a deeply moving experience that has been utilized by seekers and yogis of many traditions to bring clarity and connection to one’s soul. During this meditation experience we will combine sacred posture, breath, and meditation practice with instruction in the Ray Man Shabad, a sacred poem by Guru Gobind Singh who lived in the 17th century. This Shabad is an instruction by the warrior saint Guru Gobind Singh on how to truly practice yoga in our day to day lives; how to merge body, mind and spirit to experience our greatest potential.  In particular with this practice we are seeking to find how we can become instruments of the divine, and truly live with purpose and joy.  


“With the Ray Man Shabad, there’s a space that can open up, where we’ve come to a place of clarity within our beings and in our auric field,” said Snatam. “Chanting from this place of opening and balance within our bodies and the auric field, from this enlivened place, practitioners can call forth energies from the universe that guide us to become instruments of the Divine.” 

You can do this as a 40 day meditation anytime, and use the materials here. We suggest you pick any date to start, a new moon if you like, and watch the videos once a week as support. You can join the forum at anytime. 

This 40 Day Meditation

With people joining from all over the world, we will begin our practice together on Summer Solstice, June 21.


Snatam will facilitate seven sessions each week during the 40 day period, hosted by her online school, called Kirtan and Kundalini, as a part of her regular Mantra and Meditation practice which takes place every Wednesday from 1pm-2:30pm EST. 


These sessions will take place on June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26, and August 2. The last day of the forty day practice is July 30th.


Participants will practice together with Snatam, and have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions if need be. 

You can register for the classes individually here:


Or you can become a member of Snatam’s online school to have access to her Mantra and Meditation class (all year long!)  along with a rich variety of classes offered on a weekly basis in the disciplines of yoga, meditation, Shabad Guru studies and more from the school’s team of teachers.