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Kirtan and Kundalini is an online sacred music and yoga school co-founded by Snatam Kaur and her husband Sopurkh Singh in June 2020. Since then, the school’s mantra, tabla, harmonium, yoga, and meditation classes have grown to attract a vibrant worldwide community of practitioners. Students access live and recorded classes, workshops, and learning resources that span the Sikh Kirtan and Kundalini Yoga spectrum. Snatam and Sopurkh long-envisioned the formation of a school, and Kirtan and Kundalini has been a true labor of love, a dream fulfilled for them. Snatam personally teaches a weekly Mantra and Meditation class that often includes breath work and light yoga, along with regular Kirtan courses for people learning to play the harmonium. Sopurkh teaches Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and leads 40-day meditation practices. Additional faculty provide expert instruction in other subjects. Subscribers can also participate in forums, exchanging comments and ideas with their teachers and fellow students. The school is membership-based, with three enrollment tiers to accommodate various interests. 


Snatam Kaur


Through inspirational concerts, and teaching workshops, immersion courses & retreats, the much-beloved devotional singer and Grammy nominated recording artist Snatam Kaur shares the power of Sikh sacred mantras with all the world. Possessed of an incandescently luminous voice and a deep knowledge of Kundalini yoga, her concerts and classes are joyous occasions and a source of solace for our troubled times.

“A big focus in all I’m doing now is simply coming back to ‘I am love’ and feeling that vibration of love. There’s such a feeling of divisiveness in the world now—division amongst each other, and division within ourselves in the form of either shame, guilt, fear or anger. Mantra is powerful in awakening us back to what it means to be loving to ourselves, and loving toward our neighbors who may not agree with us. It’s really from that place of love that we can find the language to work together—to be together.” 


Sopurkh Singh

Head of School

Sopurkh Singh Khalsa began studying yoga & meditation since 1997 and has been teaching for over 17 years as a KRI Certified Teacher. He has taught in retreats, workshops and classes around the world.

“Kundalini Yoga has been so transformational and heart-opening for me. It has given me a sense of peace and joy within myself. My wish is to share these benefits with all.” 


Prabhu Nam Kaur

Lead Teacher

Prabhu Nam Kaur has been singing Gurbani Kirtan for 45+ years. To share some of the majesty and profoundness of Gurbani has motivated her to study and practice these many years to communicate as best as could be the rare beauty of Shabad Guru. She lives in Northern California with her husband in the extended San Francisco Bay Area ashram community.

"I love helping people feel comfortable and confident with the words and music of Gurbani so they can then relax into its deep sound current learning space where the Shabad Guru becomes the ultimate teacher."


Sat Tara Kaur

Associate Teacher

Sat Tara came to Harmonium Teaching and Mantra after completion of the KYTT in 2012. This way of life, focusing on Meditation, Yoga and healing through sound has been an anchor for her after experiencing a life altering event in Peru 2010.


Kundalini Yoga is a technology that has helped her in her personal growth. She has utilized different modalities of healing to integrate life's experiences. Mantra and Kundalini Yoga have been the most primary supports for integration, self development and reflection.


Sat Tara has a passion for teaching and is committed to share the skills that have supported her growth. She has worked closely with Snatam since 2015 while teaching children harmonium classes weekly, supporting 3 years of Shabad Guru hosted in a 10 day intensive at Millis Massachusetts at Guru Ram Das Ashram, assisted in curriculum development and has also played in Gurdwara, Summer Solstice and community settings alongside Snatam.


When teaching in person and online, Sat Tara demonstrates patience, love and a steady focus on achievement to assist individuals to connect to their voice, to their hearts and to teach the skills that will allow for participants to have a home practice. 


Sukhmani Kaur Rayat

Tabla Teacher

Sukhmani Kaur Rayat is a tabla player and percussionist from the UK who began her training at the age of eleven under the tutelage of Pandit Sharda Sahai and Bhupinder Chaggar of the Benares Gharana. She has since gained international acclaim as one of the only female tabla players to emerge from the British Asian Classical music scene, and has toured and performed with prominent musicians within the World and New Age music genres.  Sukhmani is a creative and dedicated teacher of tabla, rhythm, and groove, and is passionate about giving people an experience of their inner rhythm to deepen and develop their own spiritual practice.

"The contemplation of Gurubani is at the core of the Sikh faith and practiced by all Sikhs around the world. Kirtan is integral to the collective spirit of Sikh practice both spiritually and socially. Playing tabla with Kirtan is an essential piece of the puzzle - it has allowed me to connect with the practice in a unique way, grounding and supporting the message of each Shabad or Mantra. I feel beyond honored to be able to teach something which has been such a huge source of peace and strength throughout my life."



Associate Teacher

Amanbir is a licensed acupuncturist and yoga therapist with over 16 years experience of teaching Kundalini Yoga. He has worked privately assisting people across the globe to master their own health through the complement of Taoist Medicine, Astrology, Herbs, and Kundalini Yoga. He has created curriculum and taught in several international Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, and Yoga Therapy trainings.


Amanbir brings his sense of humor, uplifting music, and extensive knowledge of the healing field into every class. His gentle, shining, and adventurous nature complements his mission. He loves teaching Kundalini Yoga as he has found it to be consistently one of the most powerful ways to uplift others and navigate them to take charge of their own healing journeys.


Amanbir holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the Cooper Union. Also a Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Health and Science. He is currently a Professional Teacher Trainer recognized by the Kundalini Research Institute.   He serves as a director on the board of Free Food Kitchen Revolutionary Yoga NPO, raising capital and serving food to communities in extreme need in South Africa. 


Amrit Neer Gyan Kaur

Harmonium Teacher

Amrit Neer Gyan Kaur is a KY teacher and a student of Naad Yoga and Shabd Guru. She has always enjoyed singing, playing instruments and being musically creative. She played in a Big Band, sang in choirs and for over ten years was taught classical piano. Chanting her first Mantra in a KY class in 2015, she immediately felt the power and healing quality of this kind of music, and her journey into the world of the Yoga of Sound began. Since 2020, Amrit Neer Gyan has been studying Mantra, Shabd Guru and harmonium with Snatam and Prabhu Nam Khalsa, and learning Gurmukhi to connect even deeper with the Shabd Guru. Amrit Neer Gyan loves sharing the joy and gratitude she finds in her practice in regular offerings of Kirtan and in her teaching.

"Chanting and playing the harmonium takes me into a state of deep inner peace and love. In these moments, I just am –connected with my truest inner self and with the wisdom of the universal sound current that carries me. To me, this is true bliss.“

Sangat Dhyan.jpg

Sangat Dhyan Kaur

Gurmukhi & Harmonium Teacher

Sangat Dhyan Kaur is an American Sikh who has been studying and learning Gurmukhi and gurbani kirtan, Sikh devotional music, for the last 6 years, while living at the Millis Ashram in Massachusetts, and now in Amritsar, India. During her time at the Ashram, she fell in love with the Sikh tradition and began studying gurbani kirtan and learning Gurmukhi. She has since studied with many different teachers and has played music for Solstice events, yoga classes, and Gurdwara.

In 2019 she decided to move her entire life to Amritsar, India where she has fully immersed herself in the study of gurbani kirtan, Gurmukhi, Punjabi, and meditation. She feels deeply connected to the Sikh tradition, and is excited to share her knowledge and her love of sacred sound with you. Whether singing, reading, or speaking gurbani your heart will experience a beautiful vibration that will help to awaken you to the truth of who you are.

Her peaceful and meditative nature will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable while learning, and her knowledge and experience with devotional music, and the Gurmukhi script, will support you in deepening your practice and your own learning experience.


Sar Santokh Kaur

Associate Teacher

Sar Santokh Kaur is a Kundalini Certified Yoga teacher who has been studying with Snatam, Sopurkh, and Prabhu Nam Kaur for the past several years. 

Born with a love of music, she played piano as a child, sang in choir as a teenager, studied violin as an adult, and took harmonium classes with Sat Tara Kaur in 2021.

Since then, Sar Santokh has been playing different Mantras and Shabads to dive deeper into their energy.  Chanting the sacred Naad has been extremely powerful and life changing for her, bringing deep levels of healing and joy within.

Sar Santokh follows a Buddhist path, and also works as a teacher for children with special needs.  She loves to recharge in nature, especially hiking in the Swiss mountains, and taking pictures of the beauties of this world.


"There is a marvelous power in having a mantra or a shabad vibrating in me for some days or weeks, keeping me in the energy of it, bringing me into more presence and love, connection and joy. Being able to offer that to others is a joy, a precious opportunity and gift."

Sahej Atma 3.png

Sahej Atma Singh


Sahej Atma is a longtime friend of the chant community and a 20-year veteran of the music industry.  He has served as road manager for Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, and has toured with Guru Ganesha, Joby Baker, Hans Christian, Maneesh De Moor, Simrit, and Ajeet. 


He brings an exuberant passion and playful inquisitive nature to his role with the school, providing member & faculty support, program administration, & website maintenance.


Sahej (Jordan Loder) is a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and made his home in Tiruvannamalai, India at the feet of the sacred mountain, Arunachala, in 2014 and 2015. He presently tours with Snatam Kaur as Front of House Manager, Adam Bauer as Road Manager & Audio Engineer, and also writes and performs his own devotional chant music. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a better tomorrow, starting today. A beautiful life for you and me. A bountiful life of physical, mental, and spiritual health. A blissful life with true happiness that naturally comes from the awareness of Self. We are creating community where we hold each other in love and compassion, with lives that dwell in spiritual liberation.

To get there, we use the tools of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. We sing Kirtan with Mantras and Shabads. We celebrate the rhythm of life with Tabla. We use Ayurveda for health and balance. We share in community so we can deeply know our Selves.

We offer live weekly classes and monthly courses in all of these areas of personal growth. Including 40 Day Meditations to stabilize our new way of living in harmony with Universal Soul. 

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