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Pathway of the Yin Meridians : Recorded Course

Pathway of the Yin Meridians : Recorded Course


Kundalini & Meridians:  Pathway of the Yin Meridians : 2023-A


You will receive Instant digital access to this three session video course led by Amanbir which took place in February 2023.  


The body offers us many pathways to explore how to move our energy and contribute to our overall well being. The meridians are rivers of energy that flow within and through us. They circulate our blood & vital energy known as Qi or Prana, and connect all the systems of our bodies.


When tension stagnates within any of these meridians it can cause disturbances and concurrent weakness - affecting various organs, different systems of the body, aspects of the mind, and our emotions. Many healing traditions around the world, from Taoist medicine to the healing fields of yoga have explored how to work with these pathways.


Although its not necessary to understand these meridians to benefit from Kundalini Yoga, learning to understand these channels in the body can help to deepen your practice and the potency of your experience. In this course we will explore the 6 Yin meridians of the body, learn some Kundalini asanas and exercises to activate them, and simple acupressure techniques to support their flow.


Materials will also be provided to help support and all participants will have access to recordings/community learning forum. The first half of each class will explore in depth two of the major Yin meridians within the body and the second half of class will be a Kundalini Yoga Kriya & Meditation to boost those channels.


Week 1: Heart & Pericardium - Pathways of Love

Week 2: Lung & Spleen - Pathways of Vitality

Week 3: Liver & Kidney - Pathways of Integration

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